Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Field Report from The Brownstone - Continued

When I first arrived at The Brownstone and checked in, I started to look for a seat and found some very lovely women to sit with! Two of the girls, Lauren and Lisa came from Long Island to see the “soap stars” and I was thrilled for them when they won the silent auction tour of a soap opera set!

When the breakfast buffet was ready, people went up to get food in no apparent order – causing a HUGE line. Sometime before (or during) breakfast, Peck, Evans and Kanan arrived. Finally over by the door, a buzz was brewing and you could tell that “The Housewives” had arrived! Well, all except Teresa (who was late) and Danielle (who was…not invited!)

The girls sat in the front with the soap stars and the “Q and A” began. They asked each table to limit themselves to one question per table and everyone complied with the request. The fans asked some great questions including:

- “Where is Danielle? Why isn’t she here?” – Caroline, “Because this is MY HOUSE!!!”

- “How are things going with Danielle?” – Jacqueline, “I just spoke to Danielle recently. Things are fine. Definitely not as good as they were before everything happened, but I just don’t want there to be tension…”

- Dina interjects on the topic of Danielle – “It’s really my fault that she was on the show. Bravo DID come to the hair salon (Chateau) to look for women, but the show was supposed to be called “Jersey Girls” (NOT a Real Housewives show at all – more like what “Miami Social” is but funny and light-hearted.) But my girlfriends kept dropping out one by one so I was like “What about that crazy girl (Danielle)?”

- “How is the (Jacqueline’s) baby?” – Jacqueline, “He’s good. His name is Nicholas, he’s sleeping really well, probably because we’re feeding him a lot!” (Theresa is due in September, but the sex of her baby is going to be a surprise!)

- “Will there be a Season 2?” – Caroline, “We’re in negotiations now but things look very positive.”

After the Q and A, fans were invited to line up by table for autographs. The girls signed pretty much everything – from pictures (sold for $5 each with proceeds going to the charity), t-shirts (there were Project Ladybug shirts sold for charity and “Team Caroline” shirts that Caroline’s two sons Albie and Christopher were helping sell), and even Polaroid pictures taken by fans! They also auctioned off some great items – including dinner at LuNello (the 'table-flipping' restaurant!)

To end the event, the girls posed for pictures in front of the “step and repeat” with fans. I really got a sense that these women are enjoying the “celebrity status” that the show has brought them, but not really thriving on it. They just seemed very down-to-earth and not jaded in any way. It felt more like “breakfast with the girls” than “meeting celebrities.” Good times!

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