Tuesday, September 15, 2009

She by Sheree at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - Continued

I was then able to go backstage (mostly because when the woman asked me where I was from, she heard the "Bravo" part louder than the "Blogging" part! Sheree was really striking in person and very pleasant to the many reporters on hand. When asked if signing on for "Real Housewives" was her way of promoting her line, she replied, "When I was approached about doing the show, I thought to myself, what better way to get the fashion thing going - it's always something I've been passionate about. And I could not have asked for better publicity!" She also noted that none of the other "Real Housewives" have seen the collection, but did see the collection that she put together for Fall 2009. She is also hoping that the collection that she plans to show in New York in February will bring the girls up North to check it out!

Although none of the RHOA girls actually made the trip, several other notable people were on hand to see the show. "Sex and the City" creator Michael Patrick King was in the crowd. British designer Stevie Boi had the cameras flashing trying to get photos of him, his entourage and fabulous sunglasses from their collection Many other BET personalities and media professionals were on hand as well! Most were friendly, but Sheree's hair stylist Lawrence acted like he didn't know what I was talking about when I quoted something that he said on the show - oh well, I tried to blow you up on the blogs, Boo!

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Thanks Trish!

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