Friday, April 9, 2010

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3, Charlie Price continued


THIRD PLACE- Matthew has built an impressive reputation on Shear Genius by consistently producing tasteful, thoughtful and beautiful work. In this final challenge he threw all that out the window and came up with a disjointed maelstrom of tacky trade show hair. The hideous color combinations and painful looking bald caps showcased an odd lapse in judgment for him and a disappointing departure from the elegant beautiful work he showed earlier in the competition.

RUNNER UP-Janine sent out carefully crafted and refined pin sets that worked perfectly well for a runway show. Her fatal flaw was touting her looks as finer versions of the iconic work of Trevor Sorbie, arguably the only hairstylist ever to rival Vidal Sassoon. It was presumptuous and ridiculous of her to think she could improve on his masterpieces. Ultimately her efforts were admirable but flat somehow and sadly predictable. She is a charming and talented stylist who has great things ahead of her I remain one of her loyal fans!

Brig simply obliterated the competition like a nuclear bomb. I have been fascinated a
nd enchanted by her the entire season but understood why people found her “all smoke and no magic”. Her shtick is thick as molasses and her work and taste level often leave a lot to be desired. One second she is intriguing the next she is a disaster. What Brig does have is an uncanny way of seducing the audience and simultaneously unleashing an iron clad strategy laced with an idiosyncratic point of view. Her self-branding and hunger for greatness served her better and elevated her high above her childish mean spirited detractors. Which leads me to her final “collection”. It was a revelation. Brig unleashed fresh, cohesive, modern and thought provoking styles that both beguiled and excited. Her performance on SG3 was a one two punch of titillating reality BS coupled with excellent and truly authentic soul, not to mention skill and imagination to burn. Bravo indeed!

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