Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Two Premiere Party - Continued

Chateau, the already famous hair salon that was made INFAMOUS by the show, had a station set up and stylists were “sprucing up” any willing VIPs. Of course, I indulged and was treated to a styling by Caroline’s stylist, Victor. Victor mentioned that Chateau is coming out with a hair care line that will not only be available at the salon, but they are negotiating with QVC as well. (Note: I tried the serum that was in my swag bag this morning – run, don’t walk ladies – it’s amazing!)

Near the Chateau’s set-up was a t-shirt table selling many amazing NJ Housewives merchandise (including Teresa’s famous “Jersey Girl” shirt!) and a “step and repeat”. Many people took the opportunity to strike a pose and be photographed! It seems as if Dina (in addition to Project Ladybug) and Caroline are jumping into the business venture pool as well (Caroline’s Kitchen? Not sure if it was a cookbook or a cooking lesson program, but I’m sure we’ll hear more soon!)

Inside the “Grand Ballroom”, the Brownstone staff didn’t fail to entertain in style! There were treats suitable for a night of cuddling up in front of the TV – a chocolate fountain with cookies, fruits etc. for dipping, cake and even popcorn! A DJ kept the crowd enthusiastic until the ladies arrived – well, some of them anyway!

Caroline and the entire Manzo clan entered, as “Sweet Caroline” played in the background. Caroline told the crowd that no one was leaving without saying “hello” because the fans are the reason for their success and the success of the show. Not long after, Teresa and Joe Guidice made their entrance, followed by Jacqueline and her husband, Chris Laurita. Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley was also there with her boyfriend. (Did Andy ever come up with a name for Teresa’s hair?? LOL)

Many of the “Real Kids of NJ” were on hand as well. Teresa’s girls were walking around the VIP section (all dressed alike of course – although we didn’t see Baby Audriana!) Jacqueline, again, had Ashley seated nearby and later in the evening her Mom brought CJ and Baby Nicholas in to see their Mommy!) And of course, the Manzo kids (Albie, Lauren and Chris) did a fantastic job promoting and putting the event together!

Probably the most surprising (and welcome) appearance was that of “Real Housewives of NYC” star Jill Zarin, her husband Bobby and daughter Ally. My press credential did not allow me access to interview the NJ ladies, but I was fortunate enough to chat with Jill for a while. I asked Jill how she thought her season was going so far and she said it’s “been rough.” “I am the same person I was two years ago. I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to be a -----!” When asked if the editing would turn in her favor in the weeks to come she said, “I’ve seen this week’s show and it’s just as bad as last week!” Still, Jill was supportive of the franchise and you could tell that while she’s not surprised at the reactions to this season, she’s optimistic about the future. I will say this, she is STUNNING in person and VERY friendly (she asked me about my job as a teacher and was sincere and kind during our chat!) And yes, she did say, “AND my book came out!”

When the episode showed live on the big screen, it was interesting to watch the ladies’ faces and reactions (Jacqueline cried when they showed Nicholas being born! Caroline’s eyes got wide when people booed Danielle! Ashley was embarrassed during the “birth control” talk!)

I was happy to sit next to two big fans of the show, Mary and Lori and I got a great photo of them together. They were lots of fun and Lori was not giving up her front-row seat for anyone (not even Jacqueline’s Mom!!)

Where was Dina? She hosted her own event at NYC nightclub Splash for Project Ladybug. Where was Danielle? I’m sure if asked Caroline would have had the same response she had at the Meet and Greet last summer, “This is MY house!”

All in all, I’d have to say that this was a wonderful event. This is how we do it in New Jersey, people – grand and fabulous!
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