Friday, August 13, 2010

A Night at the Museum - continued

I spoke with Miles, one of the three finalists, of course, and he's very nice, maybe a bit bashful. He called his time on WOA "the funnest game I ever played" so he obviously enjoyed the experience even without the big win.

I was able to chat a bit with Erik, my favorite of all the artists. He's also a fan of the show and a cheerleader for a second season. He uttered the best line of the season on his way out. I won't repeat it here but he has no regrets for his reference about Miles and the two are not likely to become drinking buddies any time soon. I thought he was a real gentleman.

I found myself sharing a cocktail table with a woman in a hot pink dress who turned out to Abdi's mom, Donna. She should be on televisions herself. She's a scientist who has always loved art and took Abdi to museums near and far throughout his childhood. She must have bitten a few fingernails while viewing the show because she said she knew he didn't work as quickly as he had to to complete the challenges. Did I say she was nice? She took this photo of Erik and I.

At about 10:00, we were invited to take our seats to watch the finale. There were a lot of laughs throughout the show and the artists seem to enjoy it and each other. Abdi's win was a crowd pleaser. In his remarks he generously said he was in awe of Miles' and Peregrine's work and that the win was an amazing honor. He encouraged everyone to "be fearless and ignore the haters."

A great, great event. Thank you.

And some random observations .... Judith, one of the first artists to arrive, wore a tank top with her backwards Pride and Prejudice design from the book cover challenge ... Andy Cohen gives people high fives ... Andy and SJP sat together during the viewing ... Peregrine attended with her husband ... when the judges were introduced just before the viewing, they all got rock star applause ... Luann is taaaaallllll and was surrounded by an entourage of much shorter men ... there was a huge rat outside the front door of the museum ... Abdi cannot respond to all the email he gets and feels guilty about it so don't send him any for a while .... and one line from Sex and the City's final season kept playing in my head. Carrie tells Alexander Petrovsky "I'm not very arty."

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